Recommendation Letter #4

Dear Parents and Educational Administrators,

I'm writing on Larry Cecio's behalf.  My eldest son was very fortunate to be Mr. Cecio's student.  I have personally known and observed many teachers over my children's education.  A number of the teachers were "nice".  Some were pretty good at their jobs.  Mr. Cecio was unbelievable. 

I base my opinion on more than just my own child's experience in his classroom.  I spent a lot of time supporting the classroom and observed Mr. Cecio's classroom firsthand on many occasions.  I can say, after watching him with my child and with others, that he is one of the most naturally talented teachers I have ever known. 

His secret, I believe, is that he genuinely respects and enjoys individual personalities.  He reaches out to each unique person, finding workable solutions for various learning styles and encouraging children to explore their interests.

Instead of using intimidation or humiliation, Mr. Cecio sets a respectful tone in the classroom by modeling respectful behavior and fostering consideration. 

Mr. Cecio's joy for learning is infectious, his sense of humor captivating.

But enough gushing praise.  The question is, can Mr. Cecio teach? 

I keep a very close tab on my children's developmental needs and readiness to take the next cognitive step.  Every time I had a conference with Mr. Cecio, our ideas for what was next for my son and what he was still working on were very closely aligned.  I have never encountered a teacher that met that standard in the past.  But for a more concrete example:

At the beginning of last year, I had a conference with Mr. Cecio and told him that I felt my son, Sirius, was just about ready to blossom as a creative writer.  Mr. Cecio had this same thought in his own notes.  What unfolded over the course of the year was the most beautiful gift for Sirius.  Mr. Cecio covered writing, in his engaging way, and throughout the year held writers workshops and encouraged my son.  Suddenly, the author that Mr. C and I felt was trapped inside my boy burst out.  Sirius wrote the most hilarious short stories.  The other children in the classroom could not wait to hear each next adventure.  Just this one gift would be worth every single penny I spent for my son's education that year.

If you communicate with Mr. Cecio and your child about their educational goals and learning interests, educational gifts will open for your child too.

Do not let Mr. Cecio's modest disposition fool you.  He is a brilliant teacher.  I remember from my childhood exactly two teachers that really made a difference in my life.  Mr. C will be the teacher that your child will remember as the one who really made a difference in their life.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you need more information or if you wish to confirm this recommendation.

 Marilyn Knight Just


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