Benefits to Attending Village Gate Children's Academy



Benefits to the Student:

  • Students learn to think "out-of-the-box"
  • Students learn to work cooperatively with others
  • Students learn the power of collaboration
  • Students learn to be Leaders and Followers
  • Students learn to trust their intuition
  • Students learn to get answers from within
  • Students learn to be contributing members to a community
  • Students learn the Gift of Diversity
  • Students learn peaceful conflict resolution skills
  • Students learn to set firm & kind boundaries
  • Students learn concrete to abstract thus giving them better access to retaining information
  • Students see and experience themselves as connected to everyone and everything.

Benefits to Your Family

  • The family will get the tools to effectively relate to one another
  • School becomes an extension of your family and your family, an extension of the school
  • Your family will be surrounded by like-minded families and develop relationships that will foster similar values
  • Your family sees itself as a part of a greater whole
  • Your family is a vital part of the school/ home partnership
  • Your family will get the opportunity to grow and evolve in a loving, safe atmosphere that is honoring of all types of family.

Benefits to the Community

  • The students who attend Village Gate Children's Academy will participate in giving back to the community
  • The community will get the opportunity to know and experience Village Gate Students
  • The students who attend Village Gate Children's Academy will get real-life opportunities to support, participate and learn in a community
  • The Village Gate Community sees itself as part of a great Global Community and operates as such
  • Service is a cornerstone of our curriculum
  • Our commitment is to work in cooperation with other communities to create a peaceful, harmonious world


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