Recommendation Letter #3

To whom it may concern:

Please consider this letter an overwhelming endorsement of Larry Cecio as an exceptional elementary teacher and a gifted Montessorian, as well as someone with the nature and temperament to nurture children (and adults) in a variety of settings.

Larry taught three of our four children in a Montessori classroom setting; he worked with the fourth child as a teacher in a supervisory capacity.  My children attended two different Montessori schools where Larry was the Elementary Educational Director, and at both schools he also served in the classroom as a teacher.

Larry's giftedness as a Montessorian and as a teacher cannot be understated. I have seen first-hand how his patience with children - even those with so-called "difficult" personalities - created a classroom where peace and learning flourish. His style of interaction with children (and their parents!) is one that is inherently honoring and respectful. It was a pleasure to be a parent in his classroom, as my husband and I felt confident discussing any sensitive topics with him, knowing that our concerns would be heard with empathy and with a view toward partnering for an action plan or a solution.

Our children attended Montessori schools well into their educations, and my husband and I are pleased to share that none of our children transitioned to more "traditional" education with any significant gaps in their core knowledge. This is due in no small part to Larry, whose obvious love of the classical (both Greek and Roman), the classics, and the fundamentals of math and science, ensured that our children got solid exposure to these things - and in some cases an education in these things beyond their "grade level." His enthusiasm for the various subjects is infectious. His students can't help but be engaged with learning in his classroom, since Larry's model of learning - that we never stop learning! - is powerful and contagious.

Perhaps the most important lessons that Larry taught our children have been the ones about conflict resolution, respect for self and others, and the joy of learning. Although all of our kids are great learners, more significantly they are really great people who have a deep understanding of the importance of empathy, values and of being in integrity with themselves. While certainly "kids will be kids," Larry's emphasis on peacefulness and consensus building have led them to be more responsible in terms of how their actions impact themselves, their family, those around them, and the world at large. (All this, and they learned pre-Algebra too!)

I am happy to have a more detailed conversation about Larry Cecio, Montessori educator, if you wish.  Kindly contact me at: [email protected].

Kind regards,                                                           

Alyson M Landers


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