Steps to Admission


Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child and your family. Therefore, we've designed our admissions process to support you and our school in determining whether we are the right match for one another. There are several steps to this process. This is not meant as an inconvenience but rather to best support your family by providing you with enough information and experience to evaluate whether our school meets your expectations for the care and education of your child. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

ü If you are interested in pursuing enrollment for your child into one of our programs, the first step begins by contacting Village Gate Children's Academy 's Administrator, Bobbi Cecio at: 760-815-4818 or via e-mail at: [email protected].

ü Next, we will schedule you for a tour and send you an information packet. The packet will contain;

  • A Village Gate Children's Academy school brochure
  • An explanation of our philosophy and our community
  • Directions to our school
  • All pertinent Information you will need regarding your visit including time, date and contact information

ü The next step in the process is the admissions tour. The admissions tour is specifically designed to provide you with an experience of our school, our classrooms and our community. You will have an opportunity to see the beauty of our classroom in action. In addition, you will spend about an hour in dialogue with one of our administrative staff ensuring that your family has a clear understanding of our philosophy, our programs and our expectations. Our intention in the admissions tour is to provide you with enough information to comfortably decide whether applying to Village Gate Children's Academy is the next best step for you and your family. Upon completion of the tour, you will receive an admissions packet that will contain; an application for admission, a complete breakdown of our programs including rates, information about our expectations of each family and what you can expect from us.

ü Upon deciding to proceed with our admissions process, the next step is to complete our Application for Admission. Once we have received the application, we will schedule a time for your child to come in for a classroom visit. This is an opportunity for your child to be in one of our classrooms and meet our teachers and other students. The purpose of the class visit is two-fold, for Parents to see how their child responds in a Village Gate classroom and secondly for the teacher to interact with the child and gain a better understanding of the child. The teacher may present lessons as a way to get to know the child and familiarize themselves with the child's interests and learning styles. This is not an evaluation of intellect but rather an additional avenue to explore whether our school is a match for you and your child. 

  • ü After the Child visit, we will schedule a time to meet with both parents and any other adults who contribute to and who impact the raising of each child for a Final Interview. The Final Interview is an opportunity for us to begin the important process of developing a strong partnership between home and school. We may have questions or need additional information and we expect that you may, as well. We want to ensure that all questions are answered and that we have established a clear understanding of what we expect from the parents and what you can expect from us. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for us to establish open lines of communication and develop a relationship amongst those who will care for and impact the raising and education of your child.

    ü Upon completing the above steps, we will along with you, determine if indeed this is the best possible environment for your child. If we are in agreement that it is, contracts will be issued to you. You are asked to sign and return them with the appropriate deposit within ten (10) days. If they are not returned within the (10) ten-day period and we have not heard from you, we will assume that you have chosen not to accept our offer and re-open your spot.


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