Start of School

Dear Village Gate Families, 

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! We are gearing up for another amazing school year and so excited for all that we will share and experience together in the coming months.

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your summer and the extra time with your children. Time is passing so quickly and the first day of school is quickly approaching. 

As we set our sights and energies on the coming school year, the staff is eager and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for the Village Gate community. 
Every new school year brings with it numerous possibilities and opportunities for growth, not only for our students, but for each of us, and for our school! By working together and striving toward our common goals, we will make this another incredible school year at Village Gate. 

Here are some important dates for the start of the school year:
August 19th - 30th – Prep Days
August 20th - Parent Meet & Greet at Hacienda de Vega, Encinitas - 6:00 PM
August 26th – 29th - Math & Reading Clinic 
August 27th - Parent Orientation - Sanctuary of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. 
We ask that all new parents attend at 6:00 PM and all returning parents join us at 6:45. This allows us to go over things pertinent to only new parents first. 
Please note that this meeting is not for children. There is a lot of information and to be fair, it's just boring for kids.
August 28th – 30th - Pre-Conferences -Sign-ups found on the link above
These are very important as they lay the foundation for the year. Please don't forget that your child comes to this conference.
September 3rd - First Day of School
September 4th – 6th - Upper Elementary Camp Marston Trip
September 4th– 6th- Middle School Burnt Rancheria Camping Trip

School Prep Days -
Newer Elementary Pre-Conference Sign-Up -
Upper Elementary Pre-Conference Sign-Up -
Middle School Pre-Conference Sign-Up -
Below are several documents – some that need to be filled out and returned prior to the start of school;

FORMS TO BE COMPLETED FOR ALL STUDENTS: (note: Student health form deadline to be completed by your doctor is October 1st) Emergency Information form must be completed by the first day of school as your child may not attend the first day of school without it completed. The Pre-conference form is to be completed and brought to your conference. 

In addition, for those children in Upper Elementary and Middle School, there is information about Camp Marston (Upper Elem.) and Middle School Heroic Journey Camp along with several documents that need to be filled out for those trips. Please note that Camp Marston will not permit any student to attend who has not had their health waiver filled out, which is a separate document from the school's health form. 

Camp Marston (Upper Elementary)
Middle School Camping Trip
Supply Lists:
Middle School

I know this is a lot of forms, but all are necessary to start the year. Please send them in or bring them with you to Parent Orientation on August 30th or you can give them to your teacher during your pre-conference. 

Also... If you are planning on being a driver on any field trips this year, we need a photo copy of your driver's license, vehicle registration and car insurance. 

Village Gate is, at its heart, a community of people working together to provide an environment of curiosity, wonder, respect and partnership for our children and for each other. And a community is comprised of the people who make it up. Thank you for being a part of Village Gate’s Community. Your participation and your contributions are important to us and as such we welcome your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.
I look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at: (908) 642-5203 or Julie at: (760) 815-4818.

Bobbi Cecio
Village Gate Children's Academy


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